Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs

by Canja Rave

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Canja Rave's new album was recorded in Berlin, Germany in August of 2011. This is the 3rd album from Canja Rave.

Produced by Alvaro Alencar


released March 1, 2012

Canja Rave:
Paula Nozzari - drums, melodica, washboard, tambourine, kazoo and vocals.
Chris Kochenborger - acoustic and electric guitar; slides and vocals.

All songs & lyrics by Canja Rave
Produced and mixed by Alvaro Alencar
Mastered by Ricardo Garcia
Photo by Erik Weiss
Art by Bruno Morais



all rights reserved


Canja Rave Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs
Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

Been on this road
For so long that I feel safe
Everywhere is home
'Cause I feel I don't belong
All that I got
Dirty shoes, balls and old songs
Shoes, balls and old songs

Make my way among strange people
Been in crazy towns
(Hey hey hey, hey hey hey)
Witness to all kinds of stories
I'm back on the road

Froze on the snow
Now the rain don't seem so cold
Out on the night
UV rays they burn my sight
I met my love
Take her everywhere I go, to put up the whole show
Track Name: So Lucky
So Lucky
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

The world is very colorful and I am wide awake
Everyday we tumble over huge piles of cash
My breath is good, I drink champagne and eat caviar
Volcanoes don't need to feed on virgins anymore
Fairies make me happy with no need to pay them with teeth
There is no evil in my way, no fiends and dragon's fire
Nuclear plants are gone, politicians tell the truth
No pollution, thirst and hunger, war and cold feet
Your hard work is recognized and you will get a raise

Everyone is just so lucky, everyone is just so rich
Not to mention all the happiness and health
Seems so easy we should all celebrate
Everyone is just so lucky (Irish lucky!), everyone is just so rich
Make sure you have tipped the barman, he's so nice
Make sure to kiss that pretty lady
I am happy and that's no lack of respect (Ah-aaah)
All the champions read all the best-sellers
Howdy ho there, y'all!
Track Name: Accident
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

Well son you just drove a hell of a way to get yourself to my town (I said it's my town!)
Taking that piece of junk car all the way from the state of Michigan
And we don't take too kindly here to those people speaking that foreign language
Respect my authority or you'll be down in the blink of an eye

My mom says that I'm some kind of TV show hero like CHiPs, or Charles Bronson
I was the first at the Stop sign, but I guess I'm not the priority, you think I'm joking, how dare ya?

You could have caused the town's worst ever accident, accident
You could have caused the town's worst ever accident, accident

Wait a minute!
What the (in Sam's) hell is going on around here?
On the ground!
Hands where I can see them!
You have the right to remain in silence
And everything you say can, and will be used against ya
Track Name: To Let Myself Go
To Let Myself Go
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

I hear foot steps there is someone in the attic
This place is empty I wonder what I'll find
I draw an image, but I'm no illustrator
Just passing time since I have a few more years

To let myself go where the wind might blow
Away from this body, guided by my soul

Who is this strange man playing his guitar?
For anyone who is willing to hear
Who are these people whose attention's been caught
There is no screening for truth into your heart
Track Name: Ducks
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

Where do ducks go in the winter?
I'll be waiting for you by the melting lake
Where do ducks go in the winter?
I can't find you while the fish chill in the ice

Will you come back?
I miss your funny way to walk
Will you be the same?
I tend to change with the cold

I gave you bread that you ate from my hand
My only friend… Remember me, please...

I wish to go
Wherever you are
When you are gone
I need to find you

Where do ducks go in the winter?
Where do ducks go in the winter?
Track Name: Keep My Distance
Keep My Distance
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

I have tried so much to make life work in this town
At first I was mad and I could not understand (no..no..)
I would have created roots if I hadn't moved away

So long ago I have left
Try to avoid you, but still looking back
The dusty pictures I have from the past
Is how close I will get to this place

I'm glad to keep my distance faraway
Just look what you became today
Track Name: Pillows
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

Why are these pillows so big?
I can barely lay my head on them
Is it hangover?
Or the weight of conscience?
Takes longer to wash them
Takes longer to dry them
Takes over a lot more space
And makes my head look small
Why? Tell me why?
Why? Tell me why?
I can't take this pillow on trips
It is just too big to fit into my bag
It is so huge and I can't explain
Big for my bed, big to take along
Track Name: Never Ready for a War
Never Ready for a War
(Chris Kochenborger, Paula Nozzari)

Wake with horns
Wipe your room
Walls, climb up
Guns, bang bang
Burn, burn down

Never ready for a war
Don't support our troops
Lost bullets fly in the air
They don't really care

Rain, let's run
Mud, dive in
Walls, climb up
Guns, bang bang
Burn, burn down
This game is about survival
You think you live a real war
You may be fit, you think you're good
Are you ready to play?
Are you ready to play, son?
Track Name: One More Song
One More Song

One more song that will not be played
Rest assured you won't hear it on shows
It won't be played on the radio
'Cause it's not part of any trends

There is no use to file a complaint
Those who do end up cast away
This song could even win a prize or two
One more song that will not get played

I wish you'd change your mind
I wish I had the right friends